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Five 30 minute sessions covering the 5 pillars of building safe, secure, and tax free wealth.


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master class

Stop worrying about your money going backwards because of a volatile stock market. Use this opportunity to build a rock solid financial foundation for you and your family!


Why listen to me? 

I was a financial adviser during the crash of 2008 and witnessed many Americans losing so much of the money they’d worked so hard to save. I asked myself “how could I believe in a system that lets that happen to people?”

So, I found out what wealthy people do and now I teach the exact same strategies that they’ve been using for over 120 years!  It’s available to anyone. 

That’s the reason I decided to leave advising and start educating, and that’s what I’ve been doing for 12 years;

educating people just like you!

Right now, the economy is UNSTABLE.
Who knows how long it will last? 

And here we are AGAIN with another recessionary time where Wall Street and the banks are profiting at your expense!!

Now is the perfect time to take action. 


Learn all you need to know to keep your money crash proof!


"The three things I’m most thankful for are Cheryl, my Lifestyle Reserve account, and the home I now own because of my new financial options.  She’s a true gem."

Catherine O. 

Riverside, CA


5-Day master class Includes:



& Journal


Daily 30 Minute Virtual Sessions


1:1 Virtual Session

with Cheryl

PLUS! Simple money mindset shifts along with tools, resources and strategies to build wealth in your business and in your life.


"I can’t even begin to thank her enough for saving me thousands on taxes, building a secure future for me, and having tax free income I can use in retirement.  This is the biggest blessing." 

Mary M.

DeMoines, IA

About Cheryl Fields

I am SERIOUS about helping people WIN financially.

With over 35 years as an entrepreneur and a former financial planner, Cheryl Fields is pulling back the curtain on an industry that has always benefited the banks. Cheryl exposes the TRUTH about about how to build wealth, to give you time, money and confidence you need to keep your money growing and secure.

She is a wife, mother of 2, grandmother of 4, and passionate about helping entrepreneurs take back control of their finances to ultimately build the lifestyle they want!


"I really appreciate the knowledge Cheryl shares, and how she explains things in such a simple way I have one account now, and will expand to more as time goes on.  She takes a very well rounded approach to building wealth. Lifestyle Reserve is a strategy with eggs in different baskets!"

Diana Z

Houston, TX


The time to act is NOW!

Move from where you are now to a place of complete confidence and financial security.


Build your business, up-level your lifestyle and create tax-free income in retirement.


Leave a legacy for those you love or causes you care about.

"As a person in my 30’s, I really appreciate knowing that the money put away now will pay big dividends later in life.  I appreciate her explaining it and helping me get set up with the compounding accounts."

Colin K.

Boston, MA